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On the footprints of Pinot Gallizio

This tour in Alba is about Pinot Gallizio, an interesting character who lived in Alba in the 1950s. He was an artist, a pharmacist, an archeologist and a Partisan.

Pinot Gallizio

Pinot Gallizio

The unscrupulous tour: discovering Pinot Gallizio

This tour is dedicated to Giuseppe Gallizio, better known as Pinot. He was an eclectic character in the Italian and European artistic background after the Second World War, during the 1950s and 1960s.

In 1956 he funded a Laboratory dedicated to Bauhaus and organized the First Congress Worldwide of free artists in Alba. Among the others Ettore Sottsass, Piero Simondo, Enrico Baj, Constant,  Gil Wolman and  Elena Verrone enjoyed it, together with artistic Vanguards from eight nations.

Pinot Gallizio was an eclectic character because he was an artist, a pharmacist, an archeologist, a partisan and an inhabitant of Alba. As such, he cared a lot about the culture and folklore of his city, so he reinstated the medieval habit of Palio degli Asini. As an archeologist he found some interesting objects during the 1940s in the area of Borgo Moretta. You can see these objects in the Prehistoric section of the Civic Museum “Eusebio”.

You can also visit the Spazio Gallizio, a place dedicated to Pinot Gallizio in the Centro Studi Beppe Fenoglio, where you will find the “Death Hall”, pictures and documents about Gallizio’s life and works.

In the Sala Consiliare you will admire his famous picture “The unscrupulous lichen”.

If you want, you will also admire “The Etruscan night” in the Teatro Busca or the collection of Prehistoric archeology in the Civic Museum “Eusebio”.


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