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Alba Panoramica. The tour of Cento Torri

This tour in the medieval city center of Alba and through its “Cento Torri” (hundred towers) will also be a great occasion to discover interesting things about Alba and admire it from different panoramic points of view.

alba panoramica

A “Turismo in Langa” qualified guide will lead you through the cultural heritage of Alba. This tour lasts approximately 1h45’ and will permit you to:

  • get to know medieval architecture and discover that the famous towers in Alba never were a hundred.
  • visit Piazza Pertinace and learn about the “Castellaccio” and the historic rivalry with the city of Asti.
  • visit some important pieces of art in the Sala Consiliare of the City Hall (a Macrino d’Alba for example)
  • admire Piazza Risorgimento from the balcony
  • discover the bizarre “Libro della Catena” (book of the chain)
  • admire the apse and the external frescos of the Romanesque church of San Domenico from the summer arena of Teatro Sociale Busca
  • visit the church of San Giovanni Battista and its precious treasure of holy pieces of art
  • hike the 40 meters high Torre Campanaria of the cathedral of San Lorenzo and discover that there are actually two bell towers, one from the X century and the other from the XII century
  • enjoy a breathtaking panorama of the whole city and the hills of Langhe and Roero.


Groups must book. Prices depend on the number of members. Please call us for further information.

alba panoramica

Scenic Alba. The tour of Cento Torri

Guided tour to the medieval Alba, with its 100 towers. You will discover curiosities about the city and admire the landscape from panoramic points.

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Campanile e cattedrale

Panoramic Alba: the 100 towers tour

A guided tour into the historical center of the Middle Ages of Alba, discovering the “100 towers” and the curiosity of the city, looking the skyline from some scenic points.

17 September 2017

Alba magical mystery tour

What can be found beside the city of truffle? Alba hides secret stories, through its millennial history. We try to tell you the dark and magical side of our city. Follow us into a trip full of witches, emperors, saints, madmen and artists…

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