Breathtaking landscapes

This route crosses the production area of Dolcetto and Barolo and enables the visitor to find out quaint little country towns where charming quiet sceneries are a backdrop to art.

Masche (witches)

Legends and superstitions about the witches in Piedmont. Witches are still a vivid part of folk memory and the Langhe has its very own variety called “masche”.

Sentinels of the Langhe

The Lower Langa is made up of gentle hills and slopes covered with vineyards and dotted with imposing medieval fortresses.

Along the roads of wine

The Langhe, once a wild obscure impenetrable land, are extremely friendly today. Sceneries of incomparable beauty have a cheering effect on visitors and people’s hospitality has to be added to this appeal.

The Alfieri hills

Among the famous personalities born in the Langhe and Monferrato, the Alfieri are particularly worth mentioning, since over the centuries their name has been tied to the history of Piedmont.

Land churches and abbeys

You will be amazed by the beauty of the route of the ancient Romanesque land churches in the Asti region, which includes the magnificent Vezzolano Abbey.

Romanesque land churches

The hills surrounding Asti preserve some ancient and intact Romanesque land churches

Fenoglio’s hills

The writer Beppe Fenoglio, author of some of the most touching pages of the partigian resistence, lived in Alba, in the house that today hosts the Beppe Fenoglio’s study centre and Spazio Gallizio.

Beppe Fenoglio study centre

Beppe Fenoglio’s study centre was born from the City Council’s wish, in collaboration with numerous institutions and private citizens, to furnish to the city a place dedicated to the study of the principal artistic and cultural expressions of our territory.


Towers and ruins surround all the high grounds. The innumerable churches and chapels give a mystic and architectural fascination. With just a big city, the state capital, Asti’s province is almost completely hilly.

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