The treasure hunt’s formula adapted to farms, to stimulate the group dynamics and the achievement of a common objective.

The classical formula of the “treasure hunt” is adapted to the reality of your farm in order to stimulate the group dynamics and the achievement of a common objective: everything takes place in panoramic sceneries, UNESCO Heritage of Humanity, that are unique in the world and that are immersed in Langhe’s tastes.

Among the hills of Truffle and Barolo, the groups will follow Beppe Fenoglio and Cesare Pavese’s literary recalls: clues, rebus, practical tests and quizzes linked to the traditions and the “spirit” of the place test the playing teams, stimulate their sharing and their ability of adaptation.

40% problem solving

25% team work

20% work organization

15% leadership



Girls finding their way through an ancient place

Team game- treasure hunt in Barolo’s Langhe

La formula della “caccia al tesoro”, adattata alle aziende, per sollecitare le dinamiche di gruppo e stimolare il raggiungimento di un obiettivo comune. Il tutto tra scenari paesaggistici unici al mondo.


City Orienteering

Competition and creativity: an orienteering itinerary between unknown ways to deal with cooperative spirit trusting shared skills. But, obviously, also a funny moment.


Team escape-castel angels

A new format of visit, inspired to the famous “escape room”. A team building to discover, playing, the castles of Langhe and Roero.

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