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City Orienteering

Competition and creativity: an orienteering itinerary that trains to strengthen cooperative spirit and trust in shared skills. Obviously, always in a fun and interactive way.

The city orienteering is an unusual journey to discover cultural goods and traditions of Alba, the “capital” of the Langhe. The dynamic of the game and the competition will push the groups to walk through the streets of the historical center. This team building is based on the model of the treasure hunt; a web-app will help you move through the streets of Alba, stage by stage. The participants will discover several cultural goods and taste many gastronomic products of excellence, including a wine tasting in a characteristic venue.

Teams follow different routes, with the same starting and finishing point. The movements of the teams take place comfortably by foot, along the pedestrian streets.

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Why to choose our Team Building?

Because we’ll help you bond as a team, through two keywords: game and territory. Your team will live an immersive experience on the hills of Langhe and Roero!

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Girls finding their way through an ancient place

Team game – Treasure Hunt in the Langhe of Barolo®

The “treasure hunt” formula, adapted to companies, to stimulate group dynamics and stimulate the achievement of a common goal. All among unique landscapes in the world.


City Orienteering

Competition and creativity: an orienteering itinerary between unknown ways to deal with cooperative spirit trusting shared skills. But, obviously, also a funny moment.

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Team escape – Castle Angels

A new format of visit, inspired to the famous “escape room”. A team building to discover, playing, the castles of Langhe and Roero.

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