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Magic Alba. Discover the dark side of Alba!

What can be found beside the city of truffle? Alba hides secret stories, through its millennial history. We try to tell you the dark and magical side of our city. Follow us into a trip full of witches, emperors, saints, mad men and artists…

Which mysteries does the city of truffles hide? Is there a relationship between the inhabitants of Alba and magic? Has Alba a magic and mysterious soul? We think so: if we observe things with kids eyes, we will call magic everything that is not rationally explainable, just like San Teobaldo’s “flour miracle”; we can go back to ancient Rome to consult Haruspex together with Elvio Pertinace or return to the Middle Ages, when witches would make their potions with magic herbs. Finally, let’s be amazed by Pinot Gallizio’s alchemies, his “vegetal chemistry” and his “Death Hall”! These are only a few examples…

This tour is in collaboration with the City of Alba and Centro Studi Beppe Fenoglio and it will also include the art gallery of the Sala Consiliare in the City Hall and Centro Studi Beppe Fenoglio. The tour starts at the info point in Piazza Risorgimento (Ufficio Turistico) and it will end near the bookshop “Milton” in Via Pertinace.  At the end of the tour each participant will be offered a glass of Vermouth Anselmo.

Informations and prices:

Groups must book. Prices depend on the number of members. Please contact us for further information.

alba panoramica

Scenic Alba. The tour of Cento Torri

Guided tour to the medieval Alba, with its 100 towers. You will discover curiosities about the city and admire the landscape from panoramic points.

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Alba Walking Tour

Tour guidati della città di Alba e di Bra con l’ausilio di guide esperte e certificate. Una passeggiata tra arte, cultura, tradizioni e curiosità.

Da marzo a luglio 2024
Foto Aldo Agnelli – Archivio Centro Studi Beppe Fenoglio o.n.l.us.

Beppe Fenoglio: the writer, the partisan, the man

We offer three different tours to learn about the writer Beppe Fenoglio.

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