divertimento, gioco di squadra

An unusual visit to the city, united to the tasting of territorial products: the orienteering participants, divided into groups, move through the city only thanks to a “mute” map and some reference points.

The dynamic of the game and of the competition will push the groups to walk through the streets of the historical centre of Alba, the “capital” of the territory, searching for the products of local excellence: hazelnut, truffle and naturally wines. A wine tasting in a characteristic local will conclude the activity.

Girls finding their way through an ancient place

Team game – Treasure Hunt in the Langhe of Barolo

The “treasure hunt” formula, adapted to companies, to stimulate group dynamics and stimulate the achievement of a common goal. All among unique landscapes in the world.


City Orienteering

Competition and creativity: an orienteering itinerary between unknown ways to deal with cooperative spirit trusting shared skills. But, obviously, also a funny moment.

Foto di proprietà dei Creattivi - Occooltum

Team escape-castel angels

A new format of visit, inspired to the famous “escape room”. A team building to discover, playing, the castles of Langhe and Roero.

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