A walk in the heart of Barolo’s Langhe among woods and hills searching for the famous white truffle of Alba with the company of a “truffle hunter”. Only thanks to the dog’s flawless sense of smell, loyal friend of the “truffle hunter”, we can have on our table the exquisite white truffle of Alba. The truffle hunter and his funny mate will reveal us some secrets about the precious mushroom and its research: under what trees does it grows? Which are the most suitable lands? Which natural elements are possible clues for a lucky research?

Gallizio particolare anticamera morte

Mysterious Alba

A journey to the discovery of traditions and the place legated to the historical and artistic heritage of Alba, “capital city” of the Langhe hills. All with a little bit of mystery.

La masca Beatrice Marengo, foto di August Brill

Dinner with the masca

The dinner with the “masca” (witch) is an entertainment created to enjoy a pleasant show: in the middle between history and legend, it’is the perfect entourage for a dinner in the Langhe.

Serralunga d'Alba

Trekking in the vineyard: the Barolo

A walk that begins under the wine producer’s monument in La Morra and continues in the vineyards, the best way to live the territory, the nature and enter into the dimension of Langhe’s areas.

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