San Fiorenzo Church

chiesa di San Fiorenzo

chiesa di San Fiorenzo

The history

The church of San Fiorenzo is a small but beautiful rural chapel near Mondovì, in the small village of Bastia. The peregrine that entered the church must have been amazed by its colored walls, that still nowadays people can admire.

The frescos in the church are among the most important of Piedmont and they cover a 300 m2 extended area. They were painted by different artists and are divided into 51 panels. The frescos represent the main topics of XV century art of the Alpi Marittime: the Celestial Jerusalem, Mercy, Hell, the Ride of Vices, Jesus life, Saint Antonio Abate’s life and the miracles of San Fiorenzo.

Today you can admire the church as it was admired in the XV century (the façade, the nave and the presbytery), with the exception of the bell tower and the left chapel, where the Saint was thought to lie.

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