In the midpoint between the role play and the theatrical session, a team building that tests the ability to take the best strategies dealing with situations sometimes unexpected. A travel going back in time into one of the most beautiful castles of Roero: the team’s members will pretend to be the characters who lived in this elegant dwelling finding themselves in front of their problems and their ambitions: what would be the best strategies?

35% public speaking

25% relationship management

15% leadership

15% problem solving

10% time management

Girls finding their way through an ancient place

Team game- treasure hunt in Barolo’s Langhe

La formula della “caccia al tesoro”, adattata alle aziende, per sollecitare le dinamiche di gruppo e stimolare il raggiungimento di un obiettivo comune. Il tutto tra scenari paesaggistici unici al mondo.


City Orienteering

Competition and creativity: an orienteering itinerary between unknown ways to deal with cooperative spirit trusting shared skills. But, obviously, also a funny moment.


Team escape-castel angels

A new format of visit, inspired to the famous “escape room”. A team building to discover, playing, the castles of Langhe and Roero.

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