Aziende, Gruppi

The tour begins with the visit to the Falletti Municipal Castle of Barolo, hosts on the inside the most avant-garde wine museum of Italy named WiMu. In the various rooms of the castle, wine will be celebrated  according to history, art, music, food, cinema, literature, universal myths and local traditions. The immersion into the world of wine will end up in a wine cellar, with a guided tour of the historical locals and a guided tasting.

Gallizio particolare anticamera morte

Mysterious Alba

A journey to the discovery of traditions and the place legated to the historical and artistic heritage of Alba, “capital city” of the Langhe hills. All with a little bit of mystery.

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Trekking in the vineyard: the Barolo

A walk that begins under the wine producer’s monument in La Morra and continues in the vineyards, the best way to live the territory, the nature and enter into the dimension of Langhe’s areas.


From wine to WiMu

A tour that is a real immersion in the wine’s world, that begins from the panoramic point of view of the Wine Museum and ends in a wine glass.

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