Ancient Abbey of San Frontiniano

Antica abbazia di San Frontiniano - Alba

Antica abbazia di San Frontiniano – Alba

Saint Cassiano’s and Saint Frontiniano’s characters are linked to Alba. They are two of the protective saints of the city, lived at the beginning of the IV century A.D. They came in the ancient roman town of Alba Pompeia, during their diffusion and preaching of the Gospel.


Dating: X – XII century

According to the tradition, Frontiniano made some miracles during his pilgrimage: he gave back the sight to a blind person, the word to a mute and he crossed the river Rodano on a wreck he made re-emerge from the water.

In addition, on his way back to Alba, he shooed away the devil from a girl; the girl’s parents, grateful for the miracle, converted themselves to Christianity and was baptized by the saint.

That’s the reason why the prefect of the city arrested Frontiniano and beheaded him: the sentence was executed outside the ramparts in October 311 A.C.

Probably, in the X century, a Benedictine abbey entitled to the saint has been built on the place of the  martyrdom. Nowadays, just a vertical body from the original complex remains, it was probably a belfry, and it’s absorbed in a modern building. Some arched decorations are still there, you can distinguish them in the upper half of the structure. The complex is currently used as the location of a groceries factory.


You can only visit the castle outwardly.

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Masche (witches)

Legends and superstitions about the witches in Piedmont. Witches are still a vivid part of folk memory and the Langhe has its very own variety called “masche”.



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